Additional shortcode syntax by Razan

  • Canvas – canvaspost, canvasgrid, canvasgrid1, canvasshowcase, canvashighlight, canvaslist, carouselhome, canvascarousel, canvasvideo, canvasfullcarousel, canvaseventslider, canvasnewstab, canvasgallery
  • Sliders – carousel2, posthighlight, posthighlight2
  • Masonry – postsmasonry1, postsmasonry4, postsmasonry5
  • Showcases – showcase1, showcase2, showcase6, showcase7, showcase8, showcase9

Settings:Some settings does not available in some shortcodes and will not be applied, for ex. all Showcases have fixed posts limit. If block does not have enough posts for display it will not be displayed.

  • type – shortcode type, from”Available shortcodes types” list provided above.
  • block_title – block title text
  • block_subtitle – block subtitle text
  • block_posts_type – blocks posts type (latest, featured, editorspicks, promoted, popular, liked, trending, random)
  • block_categories – posts category ID (if you want to display posts only from specific category)
  • block_posts_limit – posts limit in block (available not for all blocks)
  • block_posts_loadmore – display load more button (no/yes), available only for Posts grids.
  • block_posts_offset – starting post offset.


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