After All: Taipei Biennial 2023

5 Min read

Jen Liu. The Land at the Bottom of the Sea. 2023. 4K video with two-channel audio, with HD exhibition copy. 27 minutes, 30 seconds. Image courtesy of the artist and Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam


Flowing Through Time: AlUla’s History of Crafts

Standing 50 metres above the ruins of Dadan, the capital of the ancient Dadanite and…
4 Min read

Roots of Hope and Remembrance: Michael Rakowitz at Baltic

“The story goes that King Nebuchadnezzar built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for his wife,…
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Letter From the Editor in Chief

With Canvas fast approaching its 20th anniversary, this is without doubt the hardest editorial I…
1 Min read

Connections That Shouldn’t Be Made: Vikram Divecha at Jameel Arts Centre

Short Circuits allows Vikram Divecha to consider the hours he has spent interacting with people…
3 min read