08 Feb 2024 - 30 Mar 2024

André Butzer

Carbon 12


 Distinctively, André Butzer’s iconic characters and expressive language have established him at the forefront of painting. Due to his thorough understanding of color, his whole oeuvre brims with carefully measured brushstrokes, unintentional and yet full of lived experience. 

With modest smiles and wide-open eyes, the Friedens-Siemens, the Wanderer and the Woman emerge from their bright surroundings. Described as »Disney figures painted by Munch, «1 Butzer responded that all his work is made »in honor of Henri Matisse, the master I serve. «2 So, all his figures and all his colors remain steadfast, as he embarks on his future path to »become Matisse«3 himself. 

Butzer has said time and time again about his painting that he solely follows this »brainless vision of destiny. «4 His paintings, an antidote to the unquestioned world we live in today with its vile social divisions. Re-uniting and making whole again all opposites, the paintings have a mind of their own and thus speak to everyone: »Reflection. Dwelling. Presence. Closeness. «

Simultaneously offering intro- and extrospection, contemplation and avoidance, Butzer’s painting is embedded in his methodical and investigative nature toward basic humanity as its incorruptible leitmotif. Burgeoning questions arise about the intrinsically linked child-like innocence and thousands of years’ worth of art history, which have inherently inspired André Butzer and taken him further than even he thought possible. 

– Judy Karkour

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2 I service the landscape and the garden: André Butzer in conversation with Heejin No, 2 October 2023 

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4 I am the expressionist yet to come: André Butzer in conversation with Ross Simonini, 17 October 2013 

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Press release from Carbon 12

Image: André Butzer. Untitled. 2023. Acrylic on canvas. 202 x 319 cm. Image courtesy of the artist and Carbon 12