02 Feb 2024 - 06 Feb 2024

Art Cairo 2024

Grand Egyptian Museum


Art Cairo, Egypt’s largest art fair, paints a pivotal artistic wave in its landmark fifth edition, scheduled to take over the iconic Grand Egyptian Museum from February 2nd to 6th, 2024.

The five-day event promises an unparalleled fusion of modern and contemporary art and curated displays, convening esteemed galleries and artists from across the region in a vibrant symphony of creative expression.


Thirty-five galleries showcasing modern and contemporary art alongside digital innovation will be displayed across the art spaces. This juxtaposition creates a visual dialogue between past and present, with contemporary pieces complementing the ancient wonders.This fifth edition marks a significant leap, not only in scale but also in spirit as it extends to embrace a broader spectrum of artistic voices.

Over five days, visitors will encounter masterpieces by renowned artists from various Arab countries, including Nadine Fayad, Aramé, Khawla Art Gallery, Erram, ArtScene, and Q0de. Egyptian leading galleries like Azad, Zamalek, Arttalks, Misr, Le lab, Al mashrabia, and Motion will further enrich the fair’s artistic tapestry.


The fair’s exhibition spaces create a sensorial dialogue between genres of art forms. Ancient sculptures stand alongside contemporary illustrations, while digital displays offer new perspectives on familiar themes. A series of captivating talks and discussions will delve into the depths of creativity and artistic evolution.


This year, Art Cairo forges a strategic partnership with Egypt’s Ministry of Culture. Masterpieces gleaned from various Egyptian museums will be showcased, each a testament to the nation’s enduring artistic legacy.

Beyond visual artistry, a curated selection of art publications by government and independent authors will further enrich the experience for those seeking deeper understanding of Egypt’s vibrant cultural currents.


In a powerful testament to inclusivity and cultural exchange, Art Cairo dedicates a special space to the rich tapestry of Palestinian heritage. Through exquisite embroidery masterpieces and contemporary expressions, this space narrates stories of resilience, cultural continuity, and the vibrant spirit of people deeply rooted in artistic tradition. This poignant showcase serves as a bridge across borders, fostering dialogue through the universal language of creativity.


Art Cairo’s fifth edition goes beyond exhibits, unveiling a groundbreaking social program to unearth Egypt’s hidden artistic gems. Passionate art enthusiasts can join immersive visits to cultural landmarks, further exploring and enriching their understanding of Egypt’s artistic landscape.

Art Cairo stands as the first fully curated art fair in Egypt and the largest in the MENA region. An annual cornerstone for both art creators and audiences seeking the value of original artistic expression, this fifth edition promises to be a truly transformative experience.

Press release from Art Cairo

Image: Tigran Matulian. Colorful Dreams. 2021. Oil on canvas. 60 x 80 cm. Image courtesy of the artist and Aramé Gallery