11 Jan 2024 - 16 Feb 2024

Before Nature (I Am Both Created and Destroyed)

The Third Line


Kamran Samimi is set to visit Dubai, UAE, for three weeks leading up to his exhibition in January. Drawing inspiration from the land’s rich tapestry of natural materials. Samimi explores the ancient tales concealed within the golden dunes of its desert foundation.

Translations (2023), becomes an exploration beneath the surface of Dubai’s contemporary architecture. Reaching beyond the rocky foundation, Samimi interprets the stories and consciousness embedded in the city’s roots. Through careful observation and interpretation of the large boulders scattered across the surrounding desert, he seeks to resurrect the spirit of the landscape.

Transitioning globally, the pieces Small Monuments (2023) become a profound exploration as Samimi unearths stones from significant locations worldwide. Sensitive to the wordless language of the natural world, he collaborates with both visible and invisible forces to transform each stone into a canvas. The exhibition’s narrative expands with Rain Paintings (2023) a poetic homage to Samimi’s childhood in rural Hawai’i. These artworks capture the nightly rain that served as a soothing lullaby during challenging times.

At the exhibition’s core is the sculpture Unbroken Column (2023), crafted from limestone segments, paying tribute to ancient religious structures in the region. Reflecting on the age-old practice of etching beliefs into stone—a tradition followed throughout history—it stands as a powerful reminder amidst Dubai’s modernity. In a landscape of glass and steel monuments, Unbroken Column (2023), signifies a connection between ancient traditions and contemporary aspirations, encapsulating Samimi’s exploration and the profound narratives woven throughout the showcase.

Press release from The Third Line, Dubai

Image: Kamran Samimi. Meditation on Rain III. 2023. Acrylic, watercolor, indigo pigment on raw canvas. 76 x 101 cm. Image courtesy of the artist and The Third Line, Dubai