08 Jun 2023 - 08 Jul 2023

Black Silhouette

Almaty Gallery


A new exhibition by renowned Emirati artist, Latifa Saeed, has opened to the public in Almaty, reinforcing cultural ties between the UAE and Kazakhstan, and unveiling a groundbreaking artwork created simultaneously in the two countries.

Titled Black Silhouette and running until July 8, the exhibition is supported by the City Administration of Almaty, and by Dubai-based Scalo Group, as part of its commitment to fostering cultural, art, and community activities.

Mr. Ammar Albreiki, Head of Finance Administration, Consular and Nationals Service Affairs Section of the UAE Embassy to the Republic of Kazakhstan, joined local dignitaries to inaugurate the exhibition at the city-owned Almaty Gallery.

The focal point of the exhibition is an exclusive new artwork, The Sand Route, a captivating piece consisting of intricately designed metal structures, filled with glass panels meticulously handcrafted from the sands of the desert surrounding Latifa’s home city of Dubai.

Handcrafted with precision, the glass panels were airlifted from Dubai, while the metal structure was engineered and assembled in Almaty. Multidisciplinary artist Latifa Saeed travelled to Kazakhstan a month ago, collaborating with Sergey Belan, a Khazakh inventor and engineer, to bring the artist’s vision to life. She is the first Emirati artist to exhibit in Kazakhstan.

The exhibition is curated by celebrated art historian, critic, and author, Valeria Ibraeva, who has worked closely with Latifa Saeed on its planning since meeting with the artist in Dubai in January 2023.

“It’s an honor to bring this exhibition to life in harmony with such a distinguished curator, and to have the overall support that we have received from the UAE and Kazakhstan,” said Latifa Saeed.

“I see the establishment of a fruitful exchange that builds cultural bridges between our two countries, giving voice to the identity of the region.”

The collaboration with Latifa Saeed marks the beginning of a new commitment by Scalo Group to support cultural, art, and community activities in the UAE

“We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to support such a prestigious exhibition,” said Rashit Makhat, Director and Co-Founder of Scalo Group, which comprises tech venture company Scalo Technologies and Scalo Properties.

“It brings us great satisfaction to play a role in showcasing Latifa’s extraordinary talent as a versatile Emirati artist, whose work has the power to strengthen bonds between the UAE and Kazakhstan.”

The Black Silhouette exhibition showcases nine artworks by Latifa Saeed, who has employed various techniques including metal, textile, glass, and her primary medium, sand.

Each glass panel used to create The Sand Route contains a part of Latifa Saeed’s sand archive, adding a deep connection to the art insllation. The fact that all three stages of the creation process occurred simultaneously between Dubai and Almaty underlines the seamless integration of artistic expression and cultural exchange.

Press release from Scalo Group, Dubai – Scalo Technologies and Scalo Properties 

Almaty, Kazakhstan