28 Apr 2023 - 29 Jul 2023

Chemistry and Physics in the Household



Zilberman | Berlin is delighted to announce Itamar Gov‘s first solo exhibition Chemistry and Physics in the Household.

Bringing together historical moments and fabricated futures, the exhibition forms a trajectory that moves between different realms, temperatures, and textures, questioning the scientific and technological responsibilities of a society that cherishes progress, innovation, and efficiency.

Four new installations follow the alchemical pursuit of an ultimate remedy and the accidental creation of Prussian Blue in 1705, the suicide of chemist Clara Immerwahr as a protest against her husband’s invention of chemical weapons in 1915, the Nazi desires for and depictions of a perfect human body, cloning, automatons, and robotic utopias. Together, the works create an immersive factory of human bodies, a domestic laboratory of mechanical entities and living tissues.

The title of the exhibition refers to a series of lectures with the same title, given by Clara Immerwahr in 1901. Chemistry and Physics in the Household will be accompanied by a catalogue with contributions by Zasha Colah and Lotte Laub, among others.

Press release from Zilberman