07 Oct 2023 - 17 Mar 2024

DXP (Digital Transformation Planet)

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa


About the Exhibition

Eating the digital!?

Technology that integrates with the body
How will digital technology change our way of life and sensibilities? This question has been asked repeatedly since the 20th century. In 2023, we may answer this question: a completely different planet is about to emerge. On this planet which has entered the Anthropocene, we are immersed in an invisible network. Our lives are partly (and getting more and more) controlled by AI, and the relationship between technology and life is being generated anew every day.

DXP is an exhibition/interface that brings together artists, architects, scientists, programmers, and others to capture this transformation across disciplines, understand what is happening now, and propose it as something that can be sensed. The contemporary realities of AI, metaverse, and big data are the technologies of the moment. DXP is a vision of the future that follows it, explores the possibility of a comprehensive way of life that includes food, clothes, and habitation.

Exhibition Features

Pioneering works that offer us a glimpse of the future

This exhibition focuses on the most remarkable technologies of our time including AI, the metaverse, and big data from an artistic perspective. On display are works that offer us a prescient glimpse of how these technologies will evolve, and how they will affect our lives and sensibilities. Viewers will gain insight into the possibilities of the future, and a deeper understanding of technological advances through contemporary art.

Cross-disciplinary approach
Artists, architects, scientists, programmers, and other professionals from a variety of fields will collaborate in the planning of this exhibition. This cross-disciplinary approach will explore the relationship between technology and humankind from multiple perspectives. The works and contents exhibited from these diverse perspectives will consider the complex interactions between technology and humankind and other living organisms.

Questioning the Possibilities of a Comprehensive Life

Another key feature of this exhibition consists in how it proposes the possibility of a holistic life that includes food, clothing, and shelter. The exhibition will showcase exhibits and concepts that demonstrate how technology can be integrated into all aspects of our daily lives. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the possibilities of how new technologies can change the quality of our lives and experiences, and to rethink our own lifestyles and attitudes.

Exhibiting artists

・AFROSCOE (Republic of Ghana) ・ANREALAGE (Japan)
・Shruti Belliappa & Kiraṇ Kumār (India) ・GROUP (Japan)
・HATRA+Yuma Kishi (Japan)
・Keiken (Japan, Israel, Mexico) ・Tomihiro Kono (Japan)
・MANTLE: Shu Isaka + Nakamura Soshi
・David OReilly (Ireland) ・Takashi Ikegami Laboratory,
University of Tokyo
(Supported by Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory,University of Osaka)
・VUILD (Japan)
・Jonathan Zawada (Australia)
and more.

Press release from 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Kanazawa, Japan