04 Nov 2023 - 18 Nov 2023

Earth can be as dead as it can be alive



FIKAR and Hunna Art are pleased to present ‘Earth can be as dead as it can be alive’, curated by Mathqaf. This November, FIKAR and Hunna Art will host the fourth solo show of Kuwaiti visual artist and storyteller Alymamah Rashed (b.1994) in Dar FIKAR.

‘Earth can be as dead as it can be alive’ will present twenty new works -including paintings, drawings, installations and performance- from Alymamah Rashed that were created during her six-months residency with the Failaka Institute for Knowledge and Arts Research (FIKAR), on the island of Failaka. During her residency, Rashed collected found objects from the island – seashells, terrazzo, pottery fragments, and beach rocks – that, in turn, became figures for a process of drawing studies, expansion and shrinkage. This initial research was further developed by the artist’s exploration of the themes of rituals and fertility which form the substrate of this new body of work.

‘Earth can be as dead as it can be alive’ will be presented from November 4 – 18 in Dar FIKAR. It brings together three regional independent and non-governmental art structures – Hunna / هُنَّ†Art Gallery; FIKAR: Failaka Institute for Knowledge and Arts Research, and Mathqaf – to promote cross-disciplinary art and knowledge production. Accessible by boat only, this exhibition is an invitation to follow the steps of Rashed and to discover, or rediscover, the uniqueness of Failaka.

Press release from Hunna Art