11 Jan 2024 - 16 Feb 2024

Fly Like Dandelions

The Third Line


Pouran Jinchi was inspired to embark on this new body of work, Fly Like Dandelions, after reading an article titled Great Climate Migration in the New York Times. The article tells the story of Jorge A., a Guatemalan farmer forced to flee due to climate change’s impact on agriculture. Jinchi’s inspiration for this series stems from landscapes affected by climate change, such as ghost forests and arid lands.

Employing repeated Persian characters for “trees”, she creates depictions of trees and tree trunks, allowing legibility to gradually fade into an artistic form. The inclusion of dots, a fundamental starting point in Islamic calligraphy, contributes to the portrayal of an arid landscape, symbolizing the lingering memories of a life that once was. In her paintings, she merges traditional calligraphy techniques with abstraction, using written characters to delve into the complexities of perception, reality, and meaning.

The colour palette emerges from an artist’s reflective approach: black and grey express notions of devastation, while blue embodies a sense of hope. The dandelion, though perceived as a weed or a healing herb, encapsulates the nuanced nature of migration within Jinchi’s artistic expression. The work communicates not only the aesthetic charm of nature but also addresses the profound impact of climate change, intertwined with the intricate emotional aspects of the migration experience.

The dandelion seed pod, transformed into a calligraphic symbol, drifts across these landscapes in Jinchi’s paintings. This delicate imagery serves as a powerful representation of the resilient migrants who, much like dandelion seeds, find themselves displaced yet determined to navigate a new path between here, there, and everywhere.

Press release from The Third Line, Dubai

Image: Pouran Jinchi. Dandelion Clouds 1-14. 2020. Inks and gesso on board. 22.86 x 30.48 cm (each). Image courtesy of the artist and The Third Line, Dubai