21 Feb 2024 - 09 Apr 2024

Growing Vines of Sodom

Hafez Gallery


Hafez Gallery is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated second solo exhibition of contemporary artist Sara Al Abdali, titled “Growing Vines of Sodom.” The exhibition will debut on February 21st, 2024, at 4:00 PM, marking a significant milestone in Al Abdali’s artistic journey.

Through her second solo showcase, Sara Al Abdali delves into the intricate connection between life and death, exploring the profound interplay through a skillful use of juxtaposition as a medium. The collection presents a series of paintings and multidisciplinary artworks that invite viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between existence and departure.

The exhibition commences with a captivating exploration of flora and fauna, with a particular focus on the enigmatic Apple of Sodom. This resilient weed, which reproduces through the haunting whispers of the wind, emerges from the ground, bearing its toxic fruit. Through a series of gouache paintings, Al Abdali examines the indomitable spirit and strength found within abstract imagery.

Transitioning into a profoundly personal body of work, the collection centers around the artist’s three-year exploration of self-portraiture. These introspective pieces poignantly capture Al Abdali’s profound emotions of loss and despair, stemming from the tragic passing of her father after a brief battle with cancer. The exhibition skillfully portrays themes of illness and confinement through the evocative use of oil and mixed media paintings, many of which are being showcased for the first time.

Press release from Hafez Gallery

Image: Sara Al Abdali. The Decay of Eve. 2024. Oil on canvas. 145 x 85 cm. Image courtesy of the artist and Hafez Gallery