25 May 2022 - 24 Jul 2022

Motion Lines

Barakat Contemporary


Barakat Contemporary is pleased to present international artist Nevin Aladağ’s very first exhibition Motion lines in Korea, from 25th May (Wed) to 24th July (Sun) 2022. The “motion lines” in the exhibition title are used in animation to represent the movements of characters and objects; they serve to express sounds, emotions, and motions and to connect movements in sequence. Describing her artistic work, Aladağ says, “Motion is a state of progression from one place to another. A line or many lines can define limitations or create new patterns and places. This compound word [motion lines] is describing a vibrant image in which music, form and movement are all combined.”

A native of Turkey, Nevin Aladağ moved to Germany at a young age. Since the late 1990s, she has looked toward everything from everyday objects and language to architectural styles and urban and natural landscapes as material for her work, exploring the possibilities of sound as she experiments with various media including, installation, sculpture, video, and performance. The work provokes audiovisual experiences in the viewer while primarily reexamining different structural issues that emerge within capitalist systems, including those related to cultural identity, conventions, and class. She also uncovers the fictive potentiality inherent to sounds, presenting a new framework for perception as she breaks down real-world boundaries through new language, allusive displacement, and transformation of metaphor.

Seoul, South Korea