05 Oct 2023 - 20 Oct 2023

Postmordial soup

ICD Brookfield Place


Postmordial Soup invites visitors to experience an immersive realm in ICD Brookfield Place. Working through cross-dimensional mediums, from video to sound, Ziad Najjar, Talal Najjar and Miramar Al Nayyar invite guests to enter an otherworldly space that feels simultaneously like a sanctuary of origin and an extraterrestrial terrain. Postmordial Soup responds to questions on the origins of life and the influences of the soup that shape the contemporary condition.

The collective of artists delve into the human experience while maintaining their distinctive approach. They explore themes of the collapsing of time, the interplay between the foreign and the familiar, the coalescence of past and future, and the intricate interconnections they discern between the digital, the physical, and the natural realms. The exhibited body of work is the result of a recent artist residency that took place under ICD Brookfield Place’s Art Program in collaboration with Tabari Artspace Gallery.

Maliha Tabari, Tabari Artspace Founder states “As we mark the milestone of our gallery’s 20th anniversary in the UAE, our programming pays homage to the artistic talent that has breathed life into our journey – both the emerging and the established. Presenting the exhibition, “Postmordial Soup,” in collaboration with ICD Brookfield Place we cast a spotlight on a dynamic wave of emerging talent hailing from the region: Ziad Al Najjar, Talal Al Najjar, and Miramar Al Nayyar. Postmordial Soup showcases their compelling cross-disciplinary contemplations in response to the questions of our time; questions of past and future, origins and the digital and physical divide.”

Malak Abu-Qaoud, Arts & Events Manager for ICD Brookfield Place states “We’re thrilled to partner with Tabari Artspace for this much-anticipated exhibition, where three young and incredibly talented artists will form their studio at ICD Brookfield Place; creating new artworks that will manifest into an extraordinary exhibition. It’s with immense pleasure that we present these artists, individuals with whom we’ve watched grow and develop close relationships, and whose artworks hold a special place within our permanent collection.”

Talal Al Najjar’s creations interlink and journey through seemingly disparate epochs. His explorations navigate realms of ancient history, the contemporary landscape, and potential futures. The selected works span paintings, sculptures, videos, soundscapes, CGI animations, holographic marvels, and other site-specific interventions.

Talal’s work juxtaposes imagery from sources as diverse as artefacts of the Gulf and modern-day meme culture. His art renders the familiar unfamiliar, contemplating the disconnect between our ancestral heritage and our current immersion in technology.

Ziad Al Najjar’s two-dimensional works achieve an ethereal yet familiar resonance through a play of light and colour. His creations navigate the intricate threads connecting the natural, the constructed, and the spiritual realms, leaving the audience pondering whether the virtue of these creations derives from a spiritual domain or is an embodiment of the sanctity of the human form – from the primordial cocoon of our bodies to the sanctuary of the mother’s womb.

Miramar Al Nayyar bridges the chasm between Talal’s exploration of time and material dimensions of existence and Ziad’s ethereal and spiritually evocative expressions. Miramar’s artistic journey finds its locus at the core of these two worlds. Her work transcends civilisation yet remains rooted and entwined with the very essence of Mother Earth. The exhibited pieces – works on canvas and sculptures – capture the interconnectedness that binds all life forms, symbolising the timeless dance of nature and the infinite prospects that human expression can manifest.

This latest work from Miramar stems from her recent exploration into the choreography of human motion, translated within the confines of a single canvas frame. Through layering translucent pigments, Miramar attempts to capture the weight and cadence of human movement. She instils a sense of depth and vitality into two-dimensional canvases. These creations seamlessly blend organic and abstract forms, resonating with the rhythmic harmony that underpins movement in the natural world.

Press release from Tabari Artspace