13 Jul 2023 - 30 Sep 2023

Returning to a Present

Athr Art


Curated by Pharah Al-Ghalib and her premiere as a curator, the Returning to a Present group exhibition will open on July 13th in ATHR’s gallery space in Al-Jadida, AlUla.

The exhibition features Saudi artists Sarah Abu Abdullah, Ahaad Alamoudi, Ayman Yossri Daydban, Sultan bin Fahad, Ibrahim Romman, and Muhannad Shono who explore the interplay between tradition and transformation in contemporary Saudi Arabia.
The exhibition, set against the backdrop of AlUla’s historical gravitas, invites viewers to contemplate the visual and conceptual dynamics of arts and culture. Through video, photography, painting, and installation, the showcased artworks celebrate the nuanced perspectives within the local community, reflecting the diverse social and aesthetic environments that shape Saudi Arabia.
The curator has carefully collocated Returning to a Present to foster a mindful examination of the present moment through the selected artworks. By featuring artists from different backgrounds from around the kingdom, the exhibition aims to provoke dialogue and challenge preconceptions, highlighting the transformative role of art in shaping societies. Returning to a Present sparks introspection, encouraging visitors to explore the multifaceted narratives woven by contemporary artists The exhibition will be held from July 13th to September 30th at ATHR Gallery in AlUla.

Admission is free.

“My intent with the exhibition Returning to a Present was to create a platform that celebrates the vibrant and diverse works of Saudi artists while delving into the intricate layers of interplay between art, culture, and society. We are in a pivotal moment in Saudi history, and we must actively intend for ourselves to remain present in a contemporary time where we are influenced by every culture on Earth simultaneously which may distract us from appreciating our own.”
– Pharah Al-Ghalib, Returning to a Present curator.

Press release from Athr Art

AlUla, Saudi Arabia