24 Jan 2024 - 24 Mar 2024

The Deluge and the Tree

B7L9 Art Station


The Kamel Lazaar Foundation is pleased to announce the inauguration of the year 2024 with an exceptional and engaged exhibition titled The Deluge and the Tree. This exhibition is open to the public from January 24th to March 24th 2024, at the B7L9 Art Center, with an opening reception scheduled for January 24th starting at 6:00 PM.

This curated showcase promises an erudite and engaged exploration, featuring the works of seven Palestinian artists whose experiences span from the Palestinian diaspora and the occupied territories. Delving into themes of “memory,” “place,” “imagination,” and the “perception” of everyday life, each
artist brings a unique perspective to the narrative.

Presenting an array of mediums, including installations, videos, music, photography, and drawings, the exhibition unveils the diverse talents of:

Firas Shehadeh: videos, prints, performance
Walid Al Wawi: drawings, workshop
Nerian Keywan: animation/video, graphic design
Dina Nazmi Khorchid: textile projection installation
Sarah Risheq: video installation
Shadi Habib Allah: video
Bint Mbareh: sound installation and performance.
Sound installation featuring works by Zahra Malkani, Syma Tariq, Eli Wewentru, and Bint Mbareh

Inspired by the poignant verses of Palestinian poet Fadwa Tuqan, The Deluge and the Tree metaphorically reflects resilience in adversity. The exhibition raises fundamental questions about what happens after the storm; how we remember, mourn, and persevere.

At its core, the exhibition becomes a means to highlight for our audiences in Tunis a selection of artistic practices of contemporary Palestinian artists, established and emerging, that highlight nuanced creativity in the face of challenges, for a future filled with promise.

More than a mere representation, The Deluge and Tree commits to an exploration of diverse Palestinian experiences. It serves as a platform for fostering new conversations and connections, where the joint production of memory and place are expressed through diverse artistic expressions.

Distinguished by personal narratives, interactive performances, and glimpses of memories, this artistic approach transcends the usual boundaries of representation to offer a space of expression where individual voices blend to form a rich and vibrant narrative fabric.

The Kamel Lazaar Foundation invites all to explore, delving into the richness of various and distinct Palestinian creative expressions, broadening collective understanding, and participating in a renewed dialogue around Palestinian realities.

Press release from Kamel Lazaar Foundation

Image: Free Palestine Project. A curated archive of free posters submitted by designers from all oveer the world. Installation view of The Deluge and the Tree at B7L9 Art Station, Tunis, 2024. Image courtesy of Kamel Lazaar Foundation