13 Oct 2023 - 17 Nov 2023

The Lover’s Show and Sham

Delgosha Gallery


Ali Ansari, born in 1996, is an artist based in Tehran. His diverse artistic practice encompasses various disciplines, including painting, bookmaking, installation, and concrete poetry. In his recent works, Ansari delves into the reinterpretation of classical concepts and ideas originating from traditional Iranian art, contextualizing them within a contemporary framework. He skillfully combines elements of Persian classical literature, Iranian pictorial tradition, and applied geometry to construct a creative space where Iranian pop culture, cultural worldwide integration, and traditional Iranian art converge in a new contemporary pictorial context.

Within his oeuvre, Ansari objectifies the human body by juxtaposing individual body parts, such as legs, lungs, heart, and head, with inanimate objects. This juxtaposition not only explores the materialization of emotions and feelings but also serves as a critique of the commodification of human beings and human relationships. By visually representing these elements in his artwork, Ansari prompts viewers to contemplate the intricacies and value of our connections in a society where commercialization often exerts dominance.

One notable aspect of Ansari’s artistic approach is his incorporation of page layout techniques into his painting compositions. Rather than relying solely on conventional visual elements to shape a composition, he draws inspiration from the organization of forms found in traditional Iranian bookmaking page layouts to provide structure to his paintings. In doing so, he composes an array of forms and objects, including plants, stone frames, water pipes, human body parts, written words, and poetry, each laden with symbolic meanings rooted in Persian literature and Iranian pop culture.

Ansari seamlessly intertwines the timeless verses of classical Persian poems with his own artistic vision, creating a rich dialogue between the past and the present. By integrating words and poetry into his visual language, he introduces an additional layer of introspection. This fusion of image and text invites viewers to engage in contemplation and dialogue on the ever-evolving nature of cultural expression, while encouraging them to reflect on their own emotional landscapes within the context of his artworks.

Press release from Delgosha Gallery