Lights, Camera, Revolution: Zineb Sedira at Goodman Gallery

5 Min read

Zineb Sedira. For a Brief Moment the World Was on Fire… and We Have Come Back. 2019. Eight photomontages on diasec, various objects, books, DVD and vinyl records, painted yellow wall. Image courtesy of Goodman Gallery


The Politics of Abstraction: Samia Halaby at Sharjah Art Museum

In Samia Halaby’s vast painting The Martyrdom of Talal (2012), a woman crouches in a…
5 Min read

Architectural Migrations: Alia Farid at Chisenhale Gallery

Great swathes of colour welcome visitors to London’s Chisenhale Gallery, as long rows of tapestry-like…
5 Min read

For the Record: Group Show at Sharjah Art Foundation

Edward Said, in typically elegant and pithy prose, put it well: “The question of Palestine,”…
5 Min read

Going Beyond: Art Basel Hong Kong 2024

Art fairs can be surreal experiences. International galleries huddled in a singular space competing for…
2 min read