Signs of the Times: Group Show at Mathaf


Mounira al Solh. In Zigzag In Blood On Carpet. 2020–21. Leporello. Blood, watercolor, pencils and pen. 30 x 23 cm (closed). 150 x 23 cm (open). Image courtesy of Dongola Limited Editions


Standing Strong: Group Exhibition at Istanbul’74

A capsized sailboat is poised to glide across the sky on a hillside overlooking Istanbul’s…
4 Min read

Where Myth Meets Metal: Diana Al-Hadid at Kasmin Gallery

The massive sculpture, Mother Splits the Moon (2023), towers over Diana Al-Hadid’s exhibition, Women, Bronze,…
3 Min read

Roots of Hope and Remembrance: Michael Rakowitz at Baltic

“The story goes that King Nebuchadnezzar built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for his wife,…
5 Min read

After All: Taipei Biennial 2023

Entitled Small World, the current Taipei Biennial (opened 18 November) initially conjured up thoughts of…
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