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Singapore Biennial Reveals Artist Lineup

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[Venues] Sentosa Cove (Courtesy of Lim Yeow Ann)

Sentosa Cove, a venue for the Singapore Biennale 2022. Photography by Lim Yeow Ann

More than 50 artists and collaborators have been named for this year’s Singapore Biennale, including Cevdet Erek, Samia Halaby, Raed Ibrahim, Ali Yass and Firas Shehadeh. The 7th edition of the biennale, called Natasha, encourages audiences to rethink how they engage and form relationships with the world around us. Conceived by co-artistic directors Binna Choi, Nida Ghouse, June Yap and Ala Younis, the biennale will host participants invited from geographies in which the co-directors have lived or had important experiences, with the artists, researchers and performers considered “fellows” to Natasha. The event will run from 16 October to 19 March 2023.