Space Relations: Marwan Rechmaoui at Beirut Art Center

4 Min read

Marwan Rechmaoui. Municipalities. 2023. Epoxy painted metal, glass, drywall, 5.4 x 3, 7.65 metres. Photography by Youssef Itani. Image courtesy of Beirut Art Center


A Diary of Loss: Sarah Brahim at Bally Foundation

Bunched between the shore of a sparklingly clear lake and the picturesque heights of the…
3 Min read

Attention to Detail: Muhannad Shono at ATHR

“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower,”…
3 min read

Brighter Horizons: Manar Abu Dhabi 2023

Amid the mangroves of Abu Dhabi, a carousel rises from the water. A chair, ladder,…
5 Min read

Water as a Women’s Issue: Group Show at Women’s Pavilion, Expo City in Dubai

Launched during COP28, Resonating Tides extends the summit’s discussions around climate action to the realm…
4 Min read