Space Relations: Marwan Rechmaoui at Beirut Art Center

4 Min read

Marwan Rechmaoui. Municipalities. 2023. Epoxy painted metal, glass, drywall, 5.4 x 3, 7.65 metres. Photography by Youssef Itani. Image courtesy of Beirut Art Center


After All: Taipei Biennial 2023

Entitled Small World, the current Taipei Biennial (opened 18 November) initially conjured up thoughts of…
5 Min read

Ambiguous Liaisons: Fahd Burki at Grey Noise

Over the years, Fahd Burki has intentionally maintained a reluctance to provide a fixed narrative…
5 Min read

A Diary of Loss: Sarah Brahim at Bally Foundation

Bunched between the shore of a sparklingly clear lake and the picturesque heights of the…
3 Min read

Down to Earth: Sharjah Architecture Triennial 2023

The vertical growth of the UAE over recent decades has been extraordinary. The eruption of…
5 Min read