The Power Within: Khalil Rabah at Fondazione Merz

6 Min read

Khalil Rabah. Acampamento Vila Nova Palestina. 2017. Detail. Image courtesy of the artist


Conversations with Water: Sea Art Festival 2023

For the second time in a row, Ilgwang Beach in Busan hosts this year’s Sea…
3 min read

Connections That Shouldn’t Be Made: Vikram Divecha at Jameel Arts Centre

Short Circuits allows Vikram Divecha to consider the hours he has spent interacting with people…
3 min read

The Politics of Abstraction: Samia Halaby at Sharjah Art Museum

In Samia Halaby’s vast painting The Martyrdom of Talal (2012), a woman crouches in a…
5 Min read

Lights, Camera, Revolution: Zineb Sedira at Goodman Gallery

In 1962, Algeria finally won its brutal eight-year-long war of independence against France and emerged…
5 Min read