Philip Mueller | ‘TIBE NOW’ | Salsali Private Museum

03:25 mins

Before the Salsali Private Museum closed its doors and left their Dubai space for good, founder Ramin Salsali commissioned Carbon 12 Gallery (@carbon12gallery) artist Philip Mueller (@philismueller) to take over the gallery and present his latest body of work, which continues the narratives of the characters in his previous series of paintings, ‘Black Flamingo Sad Boys (BFSB)’.

Moving down from the mountains, these characters now find themselves in ‘Beach Resort Tiberio’, named after Roman Emperor Tiberius. Entitled ‘TIBE NOW: Free Drinks, Boots and Tickets to the Apocalypse’, the show includes site-specific murals, previous BFSB and portraiture works that illustrate the artist’s surreal universe. Drawing from autographical and historical figures, Mueller’s newest paintings offer a sense of celebration and wild abandon, even in the midst of an ‘apocalypse’. Here, the Austrian talks to Canvas about the show and how his paintings offer a glimpse into his psychological state.