When the Skies Clear: Group Show at B7L9

4 Min read

Free Palestine Project. A curated archive of free posters submitted by designers from all over the world. Photography by Paul Mesnager. Installation view of The Deluge and the Tree at B7L9 Art Station, Tunis, 2024. Image courtesy of Kamel Lazaar Foundation


Looking Towards the Future: Group Show at Ithra

Climate change is the hottest of topics as sea levels rise, summers are increasingly defined…
2 min read

Talks of Home: Fathi Hassan at Richard Saltoun Gallery

“Nomadism comes from oblivion. That void – which, in my life, was due to my…
3 min read

After All: Taipei Biennial 2023

Entitled Small World, the current Taipei Biennial (opened 18 November) initially conjured up thoughts of…
5 Min read

Water as a Women’s Issue: Group Show at Women’s Pavilion, Expo City in Dubai

Launched during COP28, Resonating Tides extends the summit’s discussions around climate action to the realm…
4 Min read